Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 1

Today we had the first lesson of production lab, after a briefing about what the module is like we were told to create music not more than 2 minutes and given 2 hours for that. Time seems to be more than enough but when we really started, it was quite hard. We did not know how to really start or how to create something. So we ended up just fooling around with the keyboard playing with the different tones there and finding one that sounded “acoustic”. We ended up having Jie Xi playing some tunes he has in mind on the keyboard and choosing one of them to start with. So after having a starting tune, we went to one of the recording booths and started brainstorming on lyrics having a brief idea that we are gonna create some cheesy Mandopop music. Using the first line of the tune, Darrill came up with some lyrics and slowly the whole group voiced out different lyrics and different other tunes that can connect the whole thing into a melody. Darrill started playing the guitar in chords according to the tunes that I had come up with and we got the melody. It was very interesting as throughout the song we kept changing the storyline and some tunes do not really match. Our end product has Darill playing the guitar, Jie Xi playing the keyboard, Shaun doing some beats and me singing. One of the difficulties we faced was when we could not match the guitar with the keyboard to make it sound right. Another was the time constraints and we had to rush a recording out. So after the whole thing, we think that we would like to make another proper recording. We had a discussion after the lesson and I found out that sometimes ideas created randomly can be really great. After the lesson when we replayed the recording even though it did not sound completed, the tunes and the lyrics was pretty good I can say given that we did all that in 2 hours. The first lesson was also an eye opener for me and I saw the different talent in my peers that was greater than mine and I know that I have to work hard to get to their level or make my own talent shine too in this process of the whole course in DMAT.


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