Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 2

It is the second lesson of Production Lab, I was expecting that we will be told to produce another random music again without any idea or concepts. However, this time, it was different. We were told to share something that gives us goosebumps and to use it as a starting point. I feel that this way we were actually killing 2 birds with 1 stone which was a great way of teaching. One is that I was able to grasp the concept of what will give us goosebumps. I learnt that everyone has something different that attracts their attention and drives their soul. Everyone has something different that gives them goosebumps. Everyone has a different meaning of art. When we were sharing all of us had different point. This was where I realise that since there are so many people in the world and they are different in many ways, how am I going to be able to reach out to them through my music that might only bring me goosebumps. I realise that I have to use techniques, surroundings, feelings to convey my emotions, convey what I feel to people who might not even have known such feelings before and I have to present this in my music. Another point that I learnt is a Starting Point, what is a starting point and how do we use it. For my group, we decided to mix all of our ideas into one storyline. Basically, it is a tribute to a radio person who died due to serious illness, who used to be there behind the mic bringing happiness to everyone. We decided to use a rainy day feeling as it was raining that day and we feel that rain can best represent the sadness and the honour we have for the radio guy. We started off with JieXi playing a tune again and all of us came up with the lyrics. This time since we have the drum, we added the drums in too giving the music a beat. Darril played the drums. Then we realise maybe we could do something different this time, so we added a small little speech at the start as if we were in a radio station and we added a rap to the music. It came out great and we were quite satisfied, however, I feel that there can be much more improvements like the repetition. At the end of the day, the important lesson to be taken away is the starting point, and I realise that every music has a starting point no matter how big or small. I used to assume that music just comes out by feeling, if it happens it happens, if not too bad. But, now I realised, that there is always a starting point. We as humans need something to guide us down, for example, something as simple as the lyrics or the tune, or even a story, or emotions, all of these can be our starting point and guide us to our end product. It was a fruitful lesson with 2 new concepts that I took for granted at first but will not anymore. Overall, I enjoyed it.


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