Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 3

Today we strengthened our understanding of starting point. We were given a short video of a plastic bag drifting around and were told to make a reflection on it. In my reflection, I said that it reminded me of the song fireworks. Apparently, we were told at the end that the video was what inspired the song which surprised me. Not only because I guessed it but also because it was such a simple short video that inspired something big and famous. After our reflection, we did a small discussion and realised that our reflections were somewhat similar. Most of us see the plastic bag video as our lives, where we have our ups and downs, our motivation and even the obstacles we have as we walk through this life. So we decided to write something about how in life we have to face many difficulties by ourselves. Even when there may be people who have similar situations or people who are there for us we would have to still fight through our way as this is our lives and not theirs. This time we decided to start off differently to experiment, we started with me coming out with a tune vocally with a small portion of lyrics. We changed the lyrics and the storyline as we went on with bits and pieces of comments from everyone. Eventually, we came out with different, tune different stories and different version of the song, adding them all up into one full song and one idea. We added in the rap once again as we liked how the tune of the song flows with the rap and how the idea of our really chaotic lifestyle fits the feel of the rap. However, in my opinion, this song was not really good compared to the first few song that we did. We were really restless in creating this song maybe because we were not in the mood of making music, I am not really sure why. Also, we spent to much time messing around, playing the instrument and chatting, we were not focused enough and ended up having to rush for time. As can be heard there are many parts of the song that were not completed or does not really flow, especially the ending. It is also really obvious how we use a great amount of repetition to increase the duration of the song. It was really great how we came out with a song in the midst of our restlessness but I feel we could have done something with a better standard.


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