Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 6

In this lesson, we were supposed to produce our last song of the term. So, we were wondering what kind of song we should make. The song started out as a joke. To be very honest, I came out with the verse describing our classmate who always stares out of the window at nothing in particular, which was really comical as no one knows why he just stares out especially during CPT lesson. After coming out with the verse, I sang it to Darill and he added the chords. We presented it to the group and realised it actually came out having a really deep feeling as if someone is trying to break out of their own body. Like someone wants to be heard in this world. Then it was like a spark igniting his inspiration, Jiexi started singing in continuation to the verse. It sounded great so we ended up writing it down. It was also because we wanted to let him try making out some melody and lyrics as we realised from reviewing his work from the previous week that he had his own style of music which was unique and wanted to implement it. Initially, we wanted to have the guzheng in the song and some of the new instrument we got to excess in the studio as it was the first time we had our Production Lab lesson in that studio. However, not all of us was good and could play many different instruments so we ended up forgoing that idea. This time we wanted Jie Xi to sing especially the part he came out with as he can be able to express it best, so we ended up singing as a duet with Darril on the guitar and Shaun on drums. We were really surprised as it was kind of the first time Shaun is playing the drums and he was taught the beats on the spot but he nailed it. He is quite talented at that apparently and caught up real quick. As the drums were too overpowering we tried to adjust the phone such that it was far away from the drums set, right in front of the Darril, Jie Xi and I, we even had to place it in front of our bodies to block off some sound, lowering the volume so that the vocals can be heard as the main instrument. There was once we were uncertain whether the drum goes well with the music but it all worked out as we used it in the build up, giving it vibrancy and more elements. Overall I feel that this piece was a really well done with the emotions placed properly inside, I was able to feel and empathise to the emotions portrayed especially because I feel I am somewhat similar to the description of the song. It was a way that allowed us to encourage out bandmates to try out something different and to show their potential.


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