Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 4 & 5

This lesson is really different we were told to work on one of our songs made from the previous weeks, individually. Even though we were allowed to ask others to help us perform but we had to work on the song by ourselves and ensure that the performer expresses the emotions properly.  We were given 2 lessons to finish the whole song and post it up. Given the plenty amount of time, I became complacent, for the whole of the lesson I did not work on the song at all and only decided on which song to work on at the end of that lesson. For two hours, I was goofing around and jamming with my friends, it was good that I got to expose myself to some of my friends' talents but I was not disciplined enough to work on my song. This is a something I should not do in the music industry as I found out that if I do not treasure the time I have I would not be able to come up with good quality music as I would be rushing and I would not be able to earn much if I take up music as my career, as time is money. During the week, I tried to come up with some tunes to see if it could fit the song as I did not like some part of the song. I added and changed some lyrics to form a story that is closer to my heart so I can present it better and express the emotion better. At the end of the week before the second lesson, I was able to complete my song. During the second lesson, I decided to stay at home and perform my song by myself instead of going to school. I got some help from my Darril with the chords. My song initially only consisted my singing and I was not really good with chords so I sent a recording of my song and asked him to help out in which chord progression I could have used. In the end, I played the chords with my keyboard with a pattern I came up with that suited the melody and sang the song. As said before, I was rushing for time so I did not have enough time to practice with the addition that I have not really tried playing and singing at the same time, I was not able to play really well while singing. As can be heard from my recording the chords were played with a pattern at the start and started to lose it in the middle, where I was not able to play well and ended up just playing the chords before I sing my lyrics. I also wanted to add some drum beat but I did not because that decision was made too late and I could not perform it by myself. I found out that not going to school and instead performing everything myself was a grave mistake, if I went to school I could have asked my friends to help me play while I sing or have more than one performer which I could have included the drums. However, even with all this mistakes, I feel that the song was rather decent. The emotions that I wanted to portray was somewhat inside, even though it was lost at some parts. I do agree I could have done better.


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