Year 1 Term 1 Lesson 7

This is the last lesson of the term, the mission for today was to present the song from the week before and present what we had learnt for the past whole term. We did not make up any slides, however, we made scripts so as to ensure that we do not repeat what we say. At first, when I read the different reflection I felt that we had a same idea towards the song and we were able to relate to the song at the same time. During the presentation, to my surprise, I was the only one who was able to relate. What surprised me more was because the chorus and like 70 percent of the song was thought up by Jie Xi but even he did not feel the music? It was quite upsetting to hear about that but at the same time, it gave me the chance to learn and grow, from this I realised that compromising might not always work well in a band, not everyone can be satisfied. Also, I feel that we need to voice ourselves out if there is something we can to make the song sound better if there is something we can do to bring out our emotions in the song. As said in my presentation, emotions are really important for music making, if we cannot express ourselves and convey ourselves, others would not be able to understand and appreciate our production. I also learnt that keywords are really important and I need to work on my vocabulary, just like how during presentation, I was not able to convey my ideas with words because of my limited vocabulary. I was not able to give the keywords when Tom prompted us, which is a difficulty I have to face if I do not strengthen my vocabulary. At the same time, I realised that the group placed great importance in teamwork in a band which made me really glad. Even though we had to sacrifice some emotions I was really happy to hear that we tried to keep everyone covered. I really hope that for the next coming term if I were to work with the same group we will be able to speak up so that we can work on the song better and achieve better results.


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